Ubuntu GNOME 13.04

The Ubuntu GNOME team is proud to announce our first release as an official Ubuntu Derivative: Ubuntu GNOME 13.04.

Ubuntu GNOME aims to bring a mostly pure GNOME desktop experience to Ubuntu. Keeping in coordination with the Ubuntu Desktop Team, we have decided to stay with GNOME 3.6 for the 13.04 release. Please see the GNOME 3.6 Release Notes for features of GNOME 3.6.

Where to Get it

For the latest release, please download it from:

What’s New

  • Firefox has replaced GNOME Web (Epiphany) as the default browser.
  • The Ubuntu Software Center and Update Manager have replaced GNOME Software (gnome-packagekit).
  • LibreOffice 4.0 is available by default instead of Abiword and Gnumeric.

Additional information is available in the Ubuntu Release Notes.

For those excited about the latest version of GNOME, we do maintain the GNOME3 PPA to catch an early look at GNOME 3.8. Please ensure you do a dist-upgrade if you choose to add this PPA and not just a standard upgrade or GDM and GNOME shell will not run after start-up. As always, if you choose to make use of any PPA, please familiarize yourself with ppa-purge.

Known Issues

  • Currently the ‘Install Alongside’ option during installation does not work. (LP:#1164592)
  • ¬†There are two Online Account enteries within System Settings. One is the GNOME tool which can be used for Contacts, Documents, and Evolution. The other is Ubuntu’s tool for Empathy, Gwibber, Shotwell (and Unity if you install that). (LP:#1040193)

Contact Us

We’d love to hear any feedback you have on our first official release. Please Check out our Community Page to see how to get in touch with us.

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