Challenge Accepted


As with each and every cycle, we review what we have achieved and discuss what we need to do next. Starting from this cycle (Vivid Vervet), we decided to do things differently and of course, better. We have introduced Ubuntu GNOME Cycle Assessment. Knowing your weakness is needed and sometimes better than knowing only your strength. We can’t become better without knowing our mistakes/weakness and work hard to fix/improve that.

Now, we have a Team Structure. Even better, we have introduced a very helpful way to help us in recruiting new people to our team; we called it Ubuntu GNOME Needed Roles.

And, because:

All of us are smarter than anyone of us

Ubuntu GNOME, as a community project should not be a one-man project but instead, a community, everyone within helps each other.

When Ubuntu GNOME Sub-Teams were created and introduced, it was hard at that time (due to short time limit) to recruit many people needed to fill the roles and be the drivers of these Sub-Teams. Today, a lot has changed and Ubuntu GNOME community is better, bigger and gained more experience by time.

That said, the next step was sending this email and announcing a real change within Ubuntu GNOME community.

And, here is the great news 🙂

Both have NEW Team Leader/Driver 😀

New bloods, accepted the challenge. Not that they are new to Ubuntu GNOME as users, but they are new on these roles.

All the above people have showed a great deal of interest into Ubuntu GNOME and they have promised to support, help and work hard side by side to make Ubuntu GNOME even better. Thus, offer taken and challenge accepted.

There are more needed roles. We are looking for more people to join in.

Meanwhile, we are very much pleased to make this official announcement and we are confident that the new drivers will do their best. Please, join me to welcome them to their new roles and wish them all the best 🙂

Thank you!

Ubuntu GNOME Community Manager

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