It is Official, Ubuntu GNOME got the LTS Status

Hi everyone,

Ubuntu GNOME Team is pleased to officially announce that Ubuntu GNOME 14.04 (Trusty Tahr) is going to be our first Long Term Support (LTS) Release. YES! You did read that correctly 😀

[AGREED] Ubuntu GNOME is a 3 year LTS

Please see the log from the Technical Board Meeting on 17th of March, 2014.

What happened is, we have applied and sent this proposal. Ubuntu Technical Board asked Ubuntu GNOME Team to show more commitment and extend the support period for a very valid reason:

Steve Langasek said:

“I am very concerned about this proposed support timeline. 2 years and 3
months means that the support period would end the same month that 16.04.1 is likely to be released. Given that our policy has been to not recommend (or advertise in the UI) LTS upgrades until the first point release, this effectively gives users zero margin between the dropping of security support for Ubuntu-GNOME 14.04, and the first upgrades to Ubuntu-GNOME 16.04.

I would not be comfortable endorsing an LTS status for a release that is not going to provide a reasonable overlap between the LTS support periods. I think we should regard 3 years of support as the minimum for LTS status.”

So, Ubuntu GNOME team has responded to the request and Tim (Ubuntu GNOME head of developers) has agreed to extend the support to 3 years instead of 2 years and 3 months.

Without a doubt and without a question, this is by far, the biggest and the best achievement for Ubuntu GNOME Community. We’re not only an official flavour of Ubuntu but also got the LTS Status.

Ubuntu GNOME and Lubuntu are going to have their very first LTS Release at the same time. This is a great achievement for both Communities 🙂

This is the result of very hard and great work that has been putting into Ubuntu GNOME for the last few months. We’re getting better in everything. Yes, we are not perfect (no such thing as perfect system) and we do have mistakes but we’re learning from our mistakes and we’re interested not to do the same mistakes, yet again. We’re growing fast in quality and quantity. This is the result of not giving up and for going the extra miles.

Congratulation for Ubuntu GNOME Community (Team Members and Users) for this huge achievement and huge thank to Ubuntu Technical Board for their trust and endless support. Of course, we’d like to thank each and every volunteer who has helped Ubuntu GNOME and still helping. All of you are the best people. Those who dedicate their time and effort to help other people just to draw a smile on their faces are indeed unique, special and great people who deserve our full respect. Everyone involved with Ubuntu GNOME is great and so kind because he/she helped and supported us.

A new era for Ubuntu GNOME and a new glory is on the way. We must be prepared and ready. It is not the end, this is just the beginning.

Now, this calls for more recruitment and more commitment. Ubuntu Board put their trust in us. We must be trust worthy. We must prove ourselves as the best when it comes to commitment and support.

If you like Ubuntu GNOME, if Ubuntu GNOME managed to change your life or the way you’re using the Computer with and/or if you want to do something for Ubuntu GNOME to show your appreciation … it is very very simple – just get involved and write your name with the great people who have done all what they could and even more to reach to this point.

We’re looking forward for more volunteers.

You can always contact us if you need anything.

And last but not least, it is time to spread the word and let the whole world know that Ubuntu GNOME 14.04 is going to be supported for 3 years as an LTS release.
Please, spread/share this with everyone 🙂

Thank you for choosing, using and supporting Ubuntu GNOME!

On behalf of Ubuntu GNOME Community
Ubuntu GNOME Leader

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