Trusty Tahr Roadmap

Ubuntu GNOME Brainstorming Team has been established to set solid plans for Ubuntu GNOME and make it even better. For the last 6 months, Ubuntu GNOME has started to grow so fast to the point it was necessary to have a dedicated department or sub-team to take care of the planning side of this project. We have done a lot and achieved a lot. We have learned from our mistakes and we learned how to avoid that next time. While it wasn’t an easy task and extra burden on the shoulders of very few active members, it was a real fun and great experience.

Today, we announce that the planning stage is over and we are now at the implementation stage. No further plans unless urgently needed. Whatever we couldn’t achieve, will be discussed with the next cycle.

Each Sub-Team of Ubuntu GNOME know the tasks assigned to the team and will work hard to achieve it for this cycle.

While we’re few in numbers but we are big when it comes to our dreams and plans and we are even bigger when it comes to passion. As for the quality of both our community and system, we are at the top and doing great.

The Roadmap of Ubuntu GNOME for Trusty Tahr Cycle has been sent to the whole community and our users are informed as well. Everyone knows what to do and we’re confident that we shall have yet another rock solid system.

Your help, support and contributions are highly needed and appreciated. Join us to make Ubuntu GNOME even better. Share your thoughts. Send us feedback. Don’t hesitate to make your voice heard. Each and every feedback is highly appreciated and taken very seriously.

Thank you for choosing and using Ubuntu GNOME!

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