[Announcement] Ubuntu GNOME Packaging Team

Our newest addition to the family. Ubuntu GNOME Packaging (Contributing Developers) Team for people that contribute towards Ubuntu GNOME development. This team is meant to serve a bridge between the other teams that get upload access (gnome3-team for the PPA’s and ubuntu-gnome-dev for the main archive)

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Urgent Need for More Contributors

Call for Help!

As you may know, 14.04 Cycle is an LTS (Long Term Support) Cycle. Having
that said, Ubuntu and most of the official flavours will have LTS Release.
For the moment, the lack of Manpower could keep us away from having an LTS
Release. However, after a discussion with our Developers, we’d like to
announce the urgent need for these roles:

1- Someone with Bug Control to ‘Actively Commit’ to triaging Ubuntu GNOME

2- Couple of people helping out with ‘Bug Fixing’.

3- People to help with ‘Packaging’ on the PPA’s

PLEASE NOTE: We are looking for people with experience and skills! We NEED
people to commit for 2-5 years support and not just join for few months
then leave.

NO PROMISES to be made but we would be comfortable enough to submit an
application to the Technical Board in order to have an LTS Release when we
will have volunteers who can actively contribute and help us.

Ubuntu GNOME Sub-Teams:
Different Areas where you can contribute – choose what suit you better!

NEW:Ubuntu GNOME Packaging Team

If you have the required experience and skills or if you know someone who
has, please contact amjjawad directly.

Thank you!

Brainstorming Team

Ubuntu GNOME Team is pleased to announce that starting from 1-11-2013, the full structure of Ubuntu GNOME Team has been successfully completed and our team is organized in a very professional, creative and productive way – See Ubuntu GNOME Sub-Teams Announcement.

So, the First Phase of setting up an organized team is over now.

The Second Phase is to start recruiting for each Sub-Team – Please see Getting Involved.

The Completion of the First Phase has been done by establishing a New Area/Sub-Team which will take Ubuntu GNOME Team and the whole project to the next level and improve the whole community which will eventually lead to more great results.

A New Era of Ubuntu GNOME Team’s History has begun.

Ubuntu GNOME Brainstorming Team

The Brainstorming Team will work side by side with all the other Sub-Teams for the greater good of Ubuntu GNOME. All the planning and important discussions about the future of Ubuntu GNOME will take place on the Brainstorming Team.

We are looking forward to a better future with more achievements and great results. We do believe that we can achieve a lot but we don’t want to walk alone, we would like to do it together and share it with, you, as a user of Ubuntu GNOME and us, as members of Ubuntu GNOME Team. Simply because we strongly believe that:

“All of us are smarter than anyone of us”

Each and every contributions are needed and highly appreciated.

Once we are done from the foundation and setting up a strong & well organized team, it would be easier later on to achieve anything and reach to any target and break any record.

Thank you!
Founder and Team Leader of Ubuntu GNOME Brainstorming Team