[Announcement] Introducing Gnome3-next PPA


Since there were a few pieces of gnome 3.8 that did not make it into Saucy, for the 13.10 cycle gnome3 PPA will reserved for 3.8 components only. As such we have created a new Gnome3-next PPA, this will contain the GNOME 3.10 bits that we consider stable. Gnome3-staging will continue
on as usual holding the 3.10 bits that are not entirely ready just yet. Right now its a little empty, however it will start to fill up over the next week or two!

It is important to note, that if you are using gnome3-staging PPA, then you must add gnome3-next PPA as this will contain required dependencies
for the staging ppa.

Tim Lunn
Technical Lead of Ubuntu GNOME

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