Testing Ubuntu GNOME 13.10


While we are approaching quickly from the final release of Ubuntu GNOME 13.10, it is very important to carry on with our testing in order insure we will have a successful release to be proud of.

We highly appreciate each and every valuable contribution and the most important help that we do need and seek is helping Ubuntu GNOME Team with Testing the development release (13.10) of Ubuntu GNOME.

If you are new to testing, don’t worry, that is a plus actually. Because chances to break the system are high and that is why we need. Sound weird? not really. The harder you break the system it means the better that system gets and we need to make sure we have a good stable release before the final date.

Please, have a read at: Ubuntu GNOME Testing.

For Daily Build: Saucy Daily Live ISO

Release Notes of Beta 1: Release Notes

As always, thank you so much for choosing and testing Ubuntu GNOME.

Head of QA – Ubuntu GNOME Team

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