Artwork Team Weekly Report


Part of our new plan to publish more news about Ubuntu GNOME Team and/or Sub-Teams reports; this week, we would like to share with all of you our weekly report for Ubuntu GNOME Artwork Team.

Just a reminder, Ubuntu GNOME Marketing and Communications Team usually publish monthly reports. And, last week, Ubuntu GNOME Wiki and Documentation Team has published a weekly report for one of the most recent achievements or work done.

Ubuntu GNOME Artwork Team’s Weekly Report
Alfredo HernĂ¡ndez, Artwork Team Leader has shared his team’s report for the last week:

So far, the tasks which are done:
1. Update the logo on our Social Media Channels.
2. Finish the Wallpaper Contest submission period.

Current Tasks (not yet done):
1. Select wallpaper contest winners. The process will be explained when everything is ready.
2. Review ubiquity slides. Now that we are approaching Beta 1 we are ready to move on and rethink the features we are promoting and how they are described.
3. StartUbuntu: we only need a nice description of Ubuntu GNOME to finish the flyers.

“It may seem lots of work but we’ll make it without problem if we organise well.

Now a general comment on this cycle work:
We’ve made mistakes in our work flow and our external communications, but I’m sure we’ll be a lot more organised for 14.10.”

Report was sent to the Artwork Mailing List and the general mailing list.

Thanks to Alfredo and his team for all the work done and we highly appreciate his honesty and for being open. This is the quality we always talked about. Be honest, direct and open and share everything about the project whether it is good or not. The mistakes that Alfredo has mentioned will be avoided with the next cycle because we have addressed these issues and we have learned from that.

Thank you for reading!


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