Wiki & Documentation Team Weekly Report


I’m glad to announce that Ubuntu GNOME Wiki & Documentation Team has finished all the assigned tasks for Trusty Tahr Cycle and starting from today until the final release of Ubuntu GNOME Trusty Tahr, The Wiki & Documentation Team will go through all the pages and try to polish and improve any page that needs any kind of improvement, if any.

Wiki & Documentation Team Roadmap for Trusty Tahr Cycle:
Wiki & Docs Roadmap for Trusty : Implemented successfully.

Ubuntu GNOME HOWTOs : Implemented successfully.

Accessibility Wiki Page : Implemented successfully.

Installing Ubuntu GNOME Wiki Page : Implemented successfully.

Terminal Tutorial : Deferred.

Very Important Wiki pages to be updated alwaysPlease Note this is not a cycle specific blueprint, hence it is NOT part of any roadmap : Informational.


Special Thank:
I’d like to thank Ivan and James for everything – their excellent work, great support and high quality contributions. Thank you so much and keep the great work up!
I have enjoyed working with you. That was a great experience. It might be hard to believe the only 3 of us have done all that in a very short period (considering we do have a real-life) but since we have put our trust in each other and our faith in :

“All of Us Are Smarter Than Anyone of Us.”

What seemed hard to achieve, was an easy mission and fun. That is the power of collaboration.

If you have any feedback, suggestions, notes, etc … please feel free to Contact Us!

Interested to help?
If you have the passion for Wiki and Documentation and/or you like Ubuntu GNOME and would like to do something in return for all the happy moments with this system, you’re more than welcome to join us:

Ubuntu GNOME Wiki and Documentation Team

See Also: Getting Involved with Ubuntu GNOME.

As always, thank you for reading this report 🙂

Founder and Leader of Ubuntu GNOME Wiki & Docs Team

This is considered as ‘the wrap up report of Ubuntu GNOME Wiki & Docs Team for Trusty Tahr Cycle’ and most likely, we have no more reports to share unless there is something new.

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