Ubuntu GNOME News and Weekly Reports

Hello everyone,

I have asked Ubuntu GNOME Team Members to give their vote for a new proposal that I think it will improve our experience and our users’ experience as well.

Everyone voted so far has agreed and was so interested about this new proposal.

You’re still welcome to share your feedback/opinion about such proposal 🙂

I’d like to announce that, since no one has disagreed yet, Ubuntu GNOME Team is ready and will start this new idea to share our news with the world either as weekly reports from all Ubuntu GNOME Sub-Teams to be published on our website and our social media channels or just news/updates to be published on the same mentioned sites. Either way, stating from now, we shall share each and everything with everyone and we believe that this will make our system, our community and everyone’s experience as good as it gets.

Looking forward for a bright future with more achievements and news to share.

Thank you for choosing and using Ubuntu GNOME and for taking the time to read more about us. We hope you will enjoy 🙂


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