HOWTO Install Ubuntu GNOME

Hello everyone,

Every time there is something we would like to share about Wiki and Documentations of Ubuntu GNOME, we tend to always remind the world of the huge, excellent and great job that Ubuntu GNOME Wiki and Documentation Team had achieved in very short period of time (less than 6 months). We have the right to be so proud of ourselves and for what we have achieved. Out of nothing, we have everything now.

Today, we are glad to announce and share with you one of our great achievements that should give the users of Ubuntu GNOME all the resources and help they do need or may need in order to use Ubuntu GNOME and enjoy it to the maximum.

As a respect to each and every Ubuntu GNOME User around the world and for those who might use Ubuntu GNOME in the near future and/or those who might migrate from Windows to Linux soon, we would like to present you a ‘Full Guide’ or ‘HOWTO’ Install Ubuntu GNOME 🙂

We highly believe that a good and a successful software project should have a strong, helpful and useful documentations and that is exactly what we do at Ubuntu GNOME Team. We simply work hard to make your life easier. Despite the fact we are few volunteers dedicated to this mission, we do believe in our skills and the quality we could offer.

Today, we are proud to share our work with everyone around the world.

Meanwhile, we also ask everyone who read this to please give us your feedback/notes/suggestions/opinions about Ubuntu GNOME Installation Guides. Yes, it is not just one guide, it is 4 in 1 if we could say that 🙂

Ubuntu GNOME Installation
Ubuntu GNOME Basic/Auto Installation
Ubuntu GNOME Side-by-Side Installation
Ubuntu GNOME Manual Installation

For Feedback:
Please share your feedback and send it to Ubuntu GNOME General Mailing List. You need to ‘subscribe’ first ‘before’ sending any email so our Mailing List Moderators don’t have to approve your email.
We also suggest that you read this guide before joining to any mailing list for any Ubuntu Community.

Ubuntu GNOME Contacts:
As always, please refer to the Contact Us Tab on the top of this page or simply visit this page.

We highly appreciate and value your time and we would like to thank you in advance for your feedback. We are looking forward to read from you soon!

Thank you for helping us to make Ubuntu GNOME better and better and thanks to everyone who put so much efforts into all this, specially Ivan Ivanov and James Vorderbruggen. I have enjoyed working with them. They are so smart and learning quickly, not to mention they do read my mind and know what I want sometimes before I say it. I’m so glad to work side by side with such gifted and talented high quality contributors.

Waiting for your emails 😉

Founder and Team Leader of Ubuntu GNOME Wiki and Documentation Team

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