Ubuntu GNOME Official Members Requirements


Nothing new here but we thought to discuss about this more in depth so it becomes clear for everyone and this post could be a good reference that sums up everything 🙂

When Ubuntu GNOME Team started to grow bigger, it was necessary to start organizing the team in a way that could help everyone and make things better. The birth of Ubuntu GNOME Sub-Teams had announced and a new era had started.

So many interested people applied and it was also necessary to organize everything and put everything on its right place. In order to make life easier, we have created a Wiki Page that should explain the full new structure of Ubuntu GNOME Community.

Ubuntu GNOME Official Members
In order to be considered as an official member of Ubuntu GNOME Team, there is certain list of requirements that you need to go through one by one and once done, there is another shorter list of steps you need to follow so that you will be considered as an official member and contributor to Ubuntu GNOME Team.

Membership Policy
As with every voluntary basis community or project, at sometime, there are so many interested people who would like to join (specially if there is something new or it is a new project) but fewer serious people will remain and actually contribute to that project or community.

It was important to find an easy yet effective policy to control that in a very efficient way with the minimum efforts and with only few seconds involved.

Here comes the 90-days-policy of Ubuntu GNOME Official Membership.

And it was a matter of time until this policy of the 90 days has proved how effective, important and easy it is for everyone.

No eamils are involved. No applications. No need to spend so much time over this. The process is very simple:

You are an active contributor and member of Ubuntu GNOME > > > Once your membership is expired, you have the full control to renew your own membership of the sub-team you are part of.

You are inactive member > > > Once your membership will be expired, you are no longer of the sub-team you were part of.

Failure to Renew
By not renewing your membership, that means:
Either You are inactive.
Or You were busy or away – in this case, you can either renew or re-apply for membership of the sub-team you were part of and you are required to send an email to Ubuntu GNOME Team to explain what happened.

How to join back?
Before we accepted anyone to any Ubuntu GNOME Sub-Team, we have asked to go through the Getting Involved Page which explain everything and the most important part that you should have read and agreed to is:

“Need to be active : It’s essential that people of the team are active. It’s not necessary to be active on a daily base, but a minimal participation is necessary, so we don’t have ‘ghost members’ in the teams. It’s better to leave the team temporary if we don’t have time on the short-term, and enter it again after.”

Since you have been inactive and you didn’t communicate with the team to explain or inform them that you’ll be away or inactive for a defined period of time, re-joining any Ubuntu GNOME Sub-Team this time should have 3 extra steps:

1- Take this page more seriously and to read all the sections carefully.
2- You need to contact the Team Leader/Driver of the Sub-Team you would like to re-join it.
3- To be approved for membership again you must make at least few contributions as a proof that you are serious this time.

Only then, you can be approved again.

Sorry for the long post but we hope this will be informative and helpful.
You need to understand that each project and/or community has its own requirements. So, this is not new and can be found everywhere and anywhere.

Thank you so much for your time and we are looking forward to build a great active community where everyone is helping each other as one family 🙂

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