Call for Testing Trusty Tahr Beta 1 Candidate


It is the Beta 1 week for Trusty Tahr and now, we do need your help to test this build of Ubuntu GNOME Trusty Tahr urgently so that we could release the Beta 1.

This is a call for testing for all testers of Ubuntu GNOME. Please, help as much as you can.

We had broken images for a week due to some bugs and there are likely to be lots of changes with the recent build (which is our Beta 1 candidate) so basically, we need everyone to start testing ASAP 🙂

For Testing, please see: Testing Ubuntu GNOME

If you have any question, please join Ubuntu GNOME QA Team and send your questions or feedback to the mailing list.

Please understand that reporting bugs should not be on the mailing list but you do need to follow the correct procedure – please see this.

As always, thank you for testing and your endless support!

Let’s make Ubuntu GNOME Trusty Tahr (Beta 1) as solid as rock 🙂

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