[Results] Community Wallpaper Contest for Trusty Tahr


The Community Wallpaper Contest for Trusty Tahr Cycle has come to an end.

Special thanks to everyone who took the time to vote and helped Ubuntu GNOME team with the very first Community Wallpaper Contest.

We have 10 winners:











Another Blueprint for Trusty Tahr has been implemented successfully.

Thank you for Ubuntu GNOME Artwork Team. They have done a great job.

Thank you everyone for your endless help and continuous support!

On behalf of Ubuntu GNOME Artwork Team

LTS Proposal


Today, Ubuntu GNOME Team has submitted a proposal for being an LTS release to Ubuntu Technical Board Team and that is for Trusty Tahr Cycle.

It means, if the Ubuntu Technical Board approves our proposal, Ubuntu GNOME 14.04 will be LTS – fingers crossed.

What does LTS mean?
Please see this Wiki Page.

Whether Ubuntu GNOME 14.04 will be an LTS release or not, we shall definitely need ‘more active contributors and manpower’. The community is growing fast, both in quality and quantity which is very promising and this has absolutely increased our confidence that we could do more and go the extra miles. Our need to ‘more contributions’ will never stop since we have decided to go that path.

There are lots of areas where you can help and support Ubuntu GNOME with. Please have a read at:
Getting Involved with Ubuntu GNOME.

If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

“I am because we are.”

“All of us are smarter than any one of us.”

Thank you for choosing and supporting Ubuntu GNOME!

[Poll] Community Wallpaper Contest for Trusty Tahr


Ubuntu GNOME Team is pleased to announce the pre-final step for our very first Community Wallpaper Contest for Trusty Tahr Cycle.

As communicated before, since we have ended the submission for the wallpapers, it is time to ask the whole community to vote and select their favourite wallpapers which will make it to the final release of Ubuntu GNOME 14.04 (Trusty Tahr).

Important Note:
Please note that you’re required to select (Ten – 10) wallpapers and vote for your selections and the top (Ten – 10) wallpapers will be included in Ubuntu GNOME 14.04.

Dead Line:
The poll will continue until: 9-March-2014

To view the poll, please click here:
[Poll] Ubuntu GNOME 14.04 Community Wallpaper Contest

What will happen next?
Once we finish the poll, we shall announce the winner wallpapers that will make it to Ubuntu GNOME 14.04 and that would be the final step of the Community Wallpaper Contest.

Thank you for your time and your vote!

On Behalf of Ubuntu GNOME Artwork Team

Marketing & Communications Report – Feb 14

February 2014 Report

Every month, Ubuntu GNOME Marketing & Communications Team creates a monthly report and share it with the community. We decided, starting from 2014 to publish our reports on our website as well.

To view the report of January 2014, please click here.

Our Social Media Channels are still growing and we’re having more subscribers, as always.

We’re looking forward to provide the best information on our Social Media Channels, as always. Team Updates, System Updates, etc. We’re doing our best to keep everyone in the loop.

If you have any feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you feel you can help with our Social Media Channels, kindly have a read at our basic requirements to become a moderator.

Thank you for choosing and using Ubuntu GNOME and thanks for joining our Social Media Channels. We ask to spread the word of Ubuntu GNOME. We highly appreciate if you invite your friends, cycles and/or followers to our channels.

Enjoy Ubuntu GNOME!

Ubuntu GNOME Trusty Tahr Beta 1 has been released


Ubuntu GNOME Team is happy to announce the release of Ubuntu GNOME Trusty Tahr Beta 1.

Please see the release notes.

We’re preparing Ubuntu GNOME 14.04, the Trusty Tahr, for distribution in April 2014. With this early Beta 1 release, you can see what we are trying out in preparation for our next version. We have some interesting things happening, so read on for highlights and information.

This is a Beta 1 Release. Ubuntu GNOME Beta Releases are NOT recommended for:

  • Regular users who are not aware of pre-release issues
  • Anyone who needs a stable system
  • Anyone uncomfortable running a possibly frequently broken system
  • Anyone in a production environment with data or workflows that need to be reliable

Ubuntu GNOME Beta Releases are recommended for:

  • Regular users who want to help us test by finding, reporting, and/or fixing bugs
  • Ubuntu GNOME developers

To help with testing Ubuntu GNOME:
Please see Testing Ubuntu GNOME Wiki Page.

To contact Ubuntu GNOME:
Please see our full list of contact channels.

Thank you for choosing and testing Ubuntu GNOME!

Call for Testing Trusty Tahr Beta 1 Candidate


It is the Beta 1 week for Trusty Tahr and now, we do need your help to test this build of Ubuntu GNOME Trusty Tahr urgently so that we could release the Beta 1.

This is a call for testing for all testers of Ubuntu GNOME. Please, help as much as you can.

We had broken images for a week due to some bugs and there are likely to be lots of changes with the recent build (which is our Beta 1 candidate) so basically, we need everyone to start testing ASAP πŸ™‚

For Testing, please see: Testing Ubuntu GNOME

If you have any question, please join Ubuntu GNOME QA Team and send your questions or feedback to the mailing list.

Please understand that reporting bugs should not be on the mailing list but you do need to follow the correct procedure – please see this.

As always, thank you for testing and your endless support!

Let’s make Ubuntu GNOME Trusty Tahr (Beta 1) as solid as rock πŸ™‚

Wiki & Documentation Team Weekly Report


I’m glad to announce that Ubuntu GNOME Wiki & Documentation Team has finished all the assigned tasks for Trusty Tahr Cycle and starting from today until the final release of Ubuntu GNOME Trusty Tahr, The Wiki & Documentation Team will go through all the pages and try to polish and improve any page that needs any kind of improvement, if any.

Wiki & Documentation Team Roadmap for Trusty Tahr Cycle:
Wiki & Docs Roadmap for Trusty : Implemented successfully.

Ubuntu GNOME HOWTOs : Implemented successfully.

Accessibility Wiki Page : Implemented successfully.

Installing Ubuntu GNOME Wiki Page : Implemented successfully.

Terminal Tutorial : Deferred.

Very Important Wiki pages to be updated alwaysPlease Note this is not a cycle specific blueprint, hence it is NOT part of any roadmap : Informational.


Special Thank:
I’d like to thank Ivan and James for everything – their excellent work, great support and high quality contributions. Thank you so much and keep the great work up!
I have enjoyed working with you. That was a great experience. It might be hard to believe the only 3 of us have done all that in a very short period (considering we do have a real-life) but since we have put our trust in each other and our faith in :

“All of Us Are Smarter Than Anyone of Us.”

What seemed hard to achieve, was an easy mission and fun. That is the power of collaboration.

If you have any feedback, suggestions, notes, etc … please feel free to Contact Us!

Interested to help?
If you have the passion for Wiki and Documentation and/or you like Ubuntu GNOME and would like to do something in return for all the happy moments with this system, you’re more than welcome to join us:

Ubuntu GNOME Wiki and Documentation Team

See Also: Getting Involved with Ubuntu GNOME.

As always, thank you for reading this report πŸ™‚

Founder and Leader of Ubuntu GNOME Wiki & Docs Team

This is considered as ‘the wrap up report of Ubuntu GNOME Wiki & Docs Team for Trusty Tahr Cycle’ and most likely, we have no more reports to share unless there is something new.

Artwork Team Weekly Report


Part of our new plan to publish more news about Ubuntu GNOME Team and/or Sub-Teams reports; this week, we would like to share with all of you our weekly report for Ubuntu GNOME Artwork Team.

Just a reminder, Ubuntu GNOME Marketing and Communications Team usually publish monthly reports. And, last week, Ubuntu GNOME Wiki and Documentation Team has published a weekly report for one of the most recent achievements or work done.

Ubuntu GNOME Artwork Team’s Weekly Report
Alfredo HernΓ‘ndez, Artwork Team Leader has shared his team’s report for the last week:

So far, the tasks which are done:
1. Update the logo on our Social Media Channels.
2. Finish the Wallpaper Contest submission period.

Current Tasks (not yet done):
1. Select wallpaper contest winners. The process will be explained when everything is ready.
2. Review ubiquity slides. Now that we are approaching Beta 1 we are ready to move on and rethink the features we are promoting and how they are described.
3. StartUbuntu: we only need a nice description of Ubuntu GNOME to finish the flyers.

“It may seem lots of work but we’ll make it without problem if we organise well.

Now a general comment on this cycle work:
We’ve made mistakes in our work flow and our external communications, but I’m sure we’ll be a lot more organised for 14.10.”

Report was sent to the Artwork Mailing List and the general mailing list.

Thanks to Alfredo and his team for all the work done and we highly appreciate his honesty and for being open. This is the quality we always talked about. Be honest, direct and open and share everything about the project whether it is good or not. The mistakes that Alfredo has mentioned will be avoided with the next cycle because we have addressed these issues and we have learned from that.

Thank you for reading!


Closing the Wallpaper Contest

Closing the Wallpaper Contest for Ubuntu GNOME Trusty Tahr Cycle


Ubuntu GNOME Artwork Team has announced the end of the wallpaper contest submission for Ubuntu GNOME Trusty Tahr:

Hello everyone,

Due to so many Wallpapers Submissions, we are closing the contest for
Trusty Tahr Cycle before the deadline we have previously set. That
said, the submission is over now πŸ™‚

We have a massive number of submissions already πŸ˜€

We would like to thank each and everyone who participated in our very
first wallpaper contest which showed clearly how people are interested
about Ubuntu GNOME πŸ™‚

We shall soon communicate further information and details about the
selection and the results.

Thank you!

Testing – The Clock is Ticking


Despite Mark Shuttleworth’s post:

“As prep for the upcoming 14.04 LTS release of Ubuntu I spent some quality time with each of the main flavours that I track – Kubuntu, Ubuntu GNOME, Xubuntu, and Ubuntu with the default DE, Unity.

They are all in really great shape! Thanks and congratulations to the teams that are racing to deliver Trusty versions of their favourite DE’s. I get the impression that all the major environments are settling down from periods of rapid change and stress, and the timing for an LTS release in 14.04 is perfect. Lucky us πŸ™‚ ”

We do need to be ready and keep testing if Ubuntu GNOME Community wishes to participate to Beta 1 – please see Trusty Release Schedule πŸ™‚

If you’re new to testing and haven’t done it before, that is a great news because believe it or not, you are the best candidate to test Ubuntu GNOME Development release. All what you need to do is:

Read Ubuntu GNOME Testing.

And, if you have done that already, you still can test or even better do Bug Triage which is very important and needed.

Let’s help each other and move forward in order to make Ubuntu GNOME one of the best Linux Distributions and YES, that can be easily achieved if we will work together.

Thank you for testing Ubuntu GNOME!

Ubuntu GNOME QA Lead